TypeDescriptionTypical Viewing Area and Touch SizeResolutionCompatible Touch TechnologyNotes
desktop-60Desktop Touch MonitorIncludes a bezel/plastic frame, VESA mount, and stand/ergo arm12.1″ to 24″ (Some solutions above 24″ with SAW)Various with MVA, PVA, TN and SIPS monitorResistive, SAW, Capacitive
openframe-60Open Frame Touch MonitorIncludes an interface kit (power supply, inverter, OSD menu board, touch controller, LCD controller)6.4″ to 24″Various with MVA, PVA, TN and SIPS monitorResistive, SAW, CapacitiveCustom metal mounting brackets per request
panelmount-60Panel Mount Touch Monitors
  • Typically designed to handle harsh environments in the industrial market (NEMA 4, IP66)
  • Rack Mount units typically 6U and up
6.4″ to 24″Various with MVA, PVA, TN and SIPS monitorResistive, SAW, Capacitive
  • Can be front or side mount
  • Typically has a steel or plastic face applied to the assembly front
  • Custom switch assembly per request
rackmount-60Rack Mount Touch MonitorsMust comply with EIA-310-D6.4″ to 24″Various with MVA, PVA, TN and SIPS monitorResistive, SAW, Capacitive
  • Specifies a standard 19″ equipment rack cabinet
  • Mounting hole pitch based on 1.750″ format called “U”
  • Dimensions must be in increments of “U”
lcdlcm-60LCD and LCM Monitors with TouchTFT glass with touch2.8″ to 6.4″Various including dot matrixResistive and Matrix due to size and costTouch interface could be provided by the LCD and LCM supplier

XP Tablet PC Edition

Windows 7Plug and play solution, see notes belowpcap-controler1
Vista/XP/2000Projected Capacitive Touch DriversUSB/RS232
9x/MEProjected Capacitive Touch DriversUSB/RS232
CE 2.12/3.0Projected Capacitive Touch DriversUSB/RS232
CE 5.0Projected Capacitive Touch DriversUSB/RS232
CE 6.0Projected Capacitive Touch DriversUSB/RS232
CE 7.0Projected Capacitive Touch DriversUSB/RS232
EmbeddedProjected Capacitive Touch DriversUSB/RS232
XP Tablet PC EditionProjected Capacitive Touch DriversUSB/RS232


USB/RS232/I2C Type Controller Specification

Input Voltage3.5V ~ 5.5V Typical 5V
Operating Temperature-40 to 85℃
Storage Temperature-40 to 90℃
Relative Humidity95% at 60℃, RH Non-condensing
InterfaceUSB: 1.1 Full Speed
RS232: No parity – 8 data bits – 1 stop bit
Rate: 57600bps
Resolution2048 x 2048
Power ConsumptionActive Mode: Max 50mA
Idle Mode: 5mA
Report Rate (points/sec)
Report rate will vary by channel number cover lens thickness and other parameters
Single Touch: Typ. 200Hz
Dual Touch: Typ. 120 Hz
4 point Touch: Typ.60Hz
Response TimeMax 20ms