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Pleiger is on the Cutting Edge!

If you are experiencing snowy conditions, you need Pleiger’s polyurethane snow plow cutting edges!

Plei-Tech® polyurethane cutting edges reduce damage to in-ground runway lights, eliminate snow plow operator fatigue by reducing chatter, and extend service life to 5-times longer than rubber cutting edges. Plei-Tech® cutting edges are an integral component in the snow removal efforts of today’s airports.

Snow Blower

Cutting Edge

Snow Plow Cutting Edge

Plei-Tech® 22 polyurethane blade edges are specifically manufactured to your snow removal specifications. Profiles are available in rectangular 15, 22, or 45° bevels, as well as custom blade angles. Our snow blades have two cutting edges to further increase service life. Typical dimensions: thickness .50″ to 3.00″, width 4.00” to 24″, and lengths up to 168″.

Our snow removal products include: ramp hog cutting edges, snow plow edges, salt spreader spinners, and sand spreader spinners.

Advantages: Less damage to plowed surfaces, less plow chatter, and longer snow plow service life.

Principal Clients: Airports, state highway departments, OEM’s, and contract snow removal companies.

Beveled Plow Blade (PDF)

Rectangular Plow Blade (PDF)

Snow Removal Data Sheet

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