Time Stands Still for No Man

1986 – Foundation of Pleiger Plastics Company,
Washington, PA
1987 – Polyurethane casting begins: Vulkollan membranes, check valve balls, etc.
1988 – The screen printing squeegee market was established
1992 – 7,500 sq. ft. office building expansion including a laboratory
1992 – The international squeegee market was established
1997 – Factory expansion added 12,000 sq. ft. of floor space
1997 – RST (rod, sheet & tube) program is initiated
2002 – 7,200 sq. ft. warehouse expansion and sprinkler systems were installed
2003 – Michael Savage named President of Pleiger Plastics
2008 – In-house foam casting began
2011 – Pleiger Plastics celebrated 25 years of business
2012 – Pleiger Plastics acquires 8+ acres for 15,600 sq. ft. expansion.
2013 – 15,600 sq. ft. expansion completed






Founded in 1986, Pleiger Plastics Company was one of the first molders in the United States to process Vulkollan® polyurethane. Vulkollan® is a trademark name of Bayer AG Germany and is Europe’s highest performance polyurethane. With a total of 7 locations worldwide, the group of Pleiger companies offer the highest performing polyurethane systems for molded engineering parts. Pleiger Plastics’ business philosophy is to provide high performance, high quality polyurethanes worldwide.

Realizing that every application has unique performance requirements, Pleiger’s selection of high performance polyurethanes began to evolve. Pleiger Plastics Company now selects from MDI, TDI, NDI, and PPDI hard segments and polyether, polyester, polycarbonate, and polycaprilactone soft segments to design a polyurethane system for the most demanding applications. This vast array of materials allows Pleiger Plastics to offer value added engineered solutions that optimize performance and cost requirements.

Pleiger Plastics strives to build long-term business relationships with its customers by offering engineering services, prototyping, cost competitiveness, high quality, and timely deliveries. These deep rooted business principles have allowed us to provide our customers with “The Pleiger Solution” for nearly 30 years.

Contact Pleiger Plastics today to learn more about our experience and selection of Vulkollan® polyurethanes.