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Previous Contests

Date: 11/12/21

Correct Answer: High Wear Corner Bumper

Date: 7/9/2021

Correct Answer: Twirling Baton End Cap

Date: 4/1/2021

Correct Answer: Water Rescue Hook

Date: 12/1/20

Correct Answer: Cutting Edge for a Snow Plow

Date: 8/28/20

Correct Answer: Prosthetic Foot Bumper

Date: 7/6/20

Correct Answer: Attachment for a Sucker Picking Machine

Date: 4/23/20

Correct Answer: Clutch for Aluminium Can Production

Date: 2/20/20

Correct Answer: Ice Boot For Race Horses

Date: 11/20/19

Correct Answer:  Skid Shoe for a Snowplow

Date: 8/30/19

Correct Answer:  A Jackhammer Bumper

Date: 7/11/19

Correct Answer:  A Cable Guide Cleat

Date: 5/2/19

Correct Answer:  A Hydro Drilling Gasket

Date: 3/15/19

Correct Answer:  A Dolphin Biopsy Dart

Date: 1/21/19

Correct Answer:  A Cushion for a Caster Machine

Date: 10/31/18

Correct Answer:  A Zipline Wheel

Date: 9/15/18

Correct Answer:  A Foal Shoe

Date: 8/15/18

Correct Answer:  A Bottle Picker in a Production Line

Date: 7/9/18

Correct Answer:  A Protective Cover for a GPS device

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