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Pleiger Plastics’ Squeegee Pit Stop Pack offers a set of 10 ready to install squeegees with radii on the ends to retrofit your entire printing press. This set includes TEN, 16” long Plei-Tech squeegees with radii on the ends, three profiles with four different durometers. This variety will give you the deposit control you need for printing any color on textiles.

Size: 3/8 ”x 2” x 16”
1 pc SET 70/90/70A
1 pc BNS 70A
2 pcs SES 60A
2 pcs SES 75A
4 pcs SES 70A

Also available in single durometer packs!

Within minutes your press will be back on track!

Why do you need the Squeegee Pit-Stop Pack?
1. FAST CHANGE: Reduce down time by eliminating the need to cut and prep squeegees
2. EDGE: Manufacturer’s edge for precise printing
3. PROFILE & DUROMETER SELECTION: For printing all colors
4. HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYURETHANE SQUEEGEES: Improve print quality and longer life

Pleiger squeegees are superior to the competition because they are manufactured from high performance polyurethane material. This material resists the effects of harsh chemicals and solvents while maintaining a sharp printing edge. Pleiger’s manufacturing process ensures durometer accuracy, dimensional stability and the precise thickness control that is demanded by screen printers worldwide.


Assorted Profile Pit-Stop Pack
      1 pc SET 70/90/70
1 pc BNS 70A
 2 pcs SES 60A
 2 pcs SES 70A
 4 pcs SES 75A



Single Durometer Pit-Stop Pack
10 pieces of any one durometer in
in the same profile





Radii on Ends






The rounded tip is exceptional for heavy ink deposits required for printing white inks on dark substrates or puff inks. Use for coating and low resolution.
Edge Triple Durometer
COLOR: Yel/Blu/Yel

The 90A durometer center provides maximum support
for the two softer print edges. This is an exceptional tool for printing on high mesh counts with elevated screen tensions. Excels in printing four-color process work or half-tone jobs on automatic presses.
PROFILE: SES - Straight Edge Single Durometer
COLOR: Orange

This squeegee prints heavier/ thicker deposits. Use with low-tension screens or screens with minimum off-contact distance. Conforms more readily to open mesh counts and thicker diameter threads. Less thickness control and produces less image definition.
PROFILE: SES - Straight Edge Single Durometer
COLOR: Yellow

This squeegee is the most popular and versatile in the textile industry. Useful for a wide range of meshes and ink viscosities. Use with high or low tension screens with appropriate off-contact distance. The added rigidity gives less
PROFILE: SES - Straight Edge Single Durometer
COLOR: Green

This squeegee exhibits less deflection and provides a better ink shear. Use with high-tension screens or screens with low off-contact distance. Excellent thickness control and definition.


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