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Precision Edge Squeegees – Designed for CD & DVD Printing


Pleiger developed the Precision Edge Squeegee to meet the demands for digital video disc printing and compact disc printers. Manufactured in both our Plei-Tech® 22 and Plei-Tech® 15 (Vulkollan®) polyurethane compounds, our Precision Edge products are available in standard cut-to-length sizes in standard durometers. Because of the high precision involved in printing on these types of substrates, we manufacture these products so that our edges are virtually defect-free and uniform. Each individual Precision Edge Squeegee order is inspected by our Quality Control Department. Copies of our Quality Control Inspection Reports on “Precision Edge” orders are available to our distributors and end use clients upon request.

Plei-Tech® 22:
70A-Yellow, 75A-Green, 80A-Blue, 85A-Red, and 90A-Natural

Plei-Tech® 15:
70A, 75A, 80A, 85A, and 90A
(Plei-Tech® 15 is always amber in color)

Precision Edge Squeegees are excellent for any printing application requiring extremely tight squeegee dimension and durometer tolerances. Defect-free edge specifications for flat glass, electronics, and ceramic printing also call for the use of our Precision Edge Squeegee.

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