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Urethane Casting

Open casting thermoset polyurethane is the reaction that occurs once the raw materials are combined and poured into a mold to set and cure. This type of urethane molding enhances the cross-linking of the polyurethane molecule, which cannot happen in the relatively short processing time of other molding types.


Using urethane casting results in a greater range of physical properties and better overall performance than other materials. Due to this range of properties, it can be used for various products.

Low Cost

Urethane is a low-cost material that can be used with a broad range of parts. For the price, it is a casting material providing quality and, at times, can be used for low volume production.

Large cross-sections

Urethane parts casting is useable for a large segment of industrial needs, especially where there is a significant changing market demand that may require updated parts more often. 

Metal Bonding

The urethane casting process may be your best choice for adherence to metal. Our engineering service can determine if urethane is the best fit for your metal bonded part.

When Using Urethane Casting, You Should Also Consider

  • Parts Frequently Require Secondary Post Machining
  • Can Lose tolerances
  • Fine Details Are Difficult to Achieve
  • Slow Cycle Time
  • Scrap Is Not Reusable

Our engineers will consult with you on the proper materials for your project. If urethane casting is a suitable material and process, we will advise on its use.