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Pleiger is on the Cutting Edge

We Have Snowplow Cutting Edges

Polyurethane Snowplow Cutting Edges for a snow plow on the street

If you are experiencing snowy conditions or anticipating winter, you need to explore using Pleiger's polyurethane snowplow cutting edges.

Plei-Tech® polyurethane snowplow cutting edges reduce damage to in-ground runway lights, eliminate snowplow operator fatigue by reducing chatter, and extend service life to five times longer than rubber cutting edges. Plei-Tech® cutting edges are an integral component in the snow removal efforts of today's airports.

When it comes to snow removal, you want a product built to handle the most challenging conditions. Plei-Tech® 22 polyurethane snowplow cutting edges are manufactured explicitly to your snow removal specifications. Profiles are available in rectangular 15, 22, or 45° bevels and custom blade angles. Our snow blades have two cutting edges to increase service life further. Typical dimensions are a thickness of .50″ to 3.00″, width 4.00" to 24″, and lengths up to 168″.

Durability is vital when it comes to snow removal, and that's why our snow blades are designed with two cutting edges. Two cutting blades increase the service life and ensure they can handle whatever Mother Nature throws their way. We've got you covered no matter the size of your plow.

But snow removal isn't just about plowing. That's why we also offer ramp hog cutting edges, salt spreader spinners, and sand spreader spinners. Whether you need to clear a driveway or a runway, our products are designed to get the job done.

Our salt spreader parts are particularly noteworthy because of the high-performance polyurethane used for their manufacture. This material is perfect for salt spinners as it can easily handle the abrasive nature of salt and grit. Plus, our polyurethane salt spreaders have removable fins, making maintenance a breeze.

Large snowplow on snowy street using a polyurethane snowplow cutting edge

The primary users of these polyurethane snowplow cutting edges are airports, state highway departments, OEMs, and contract snow removal companies. State highway departments, municipal road crews, and airports all recognize the need for using our top-of-the-line spreader parts. Airports have approved this spreader design for use because of its durability, long service life, and reduced grit spreader wear due to its low weight compared to conventional spreader designs. While the primary users of these snowplow cutting edges are airports, if you want your home driveway to look as clean without damaging it and need a cutting edge for your quad or tractor, we can help.

When it comes to applying salt, sand, deicer, or granular fertilizer, our custom-designed spinners are up for the task. They can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, giving you complete control over the application process. Plus, the center hub is molded-in with different shaft sizes to fit your needs.

Using our snowplow cutting edges comes with a range of advantages. First and foremost, they minimize damage to plowed surfaces, ensuring you're not left with unsightly scrapes or gouges. Additionally, they reduce plow chatter, making for a smoother and more efficient snow removal experience. And with their longer service life, you can count on our snowplow cutting edges to be by your side for many winters.

So whether you're an airport, state highway department, OEM, or contract snow removal company, our polyurethane snowplow removal products are here to make your job easier. With their durability, versatility, and long-lasting performance, you'll wonder how you survived winter without them.

If you are looking for a snowplow cutting edge with these advantages, contact us today to learn more about this product line.