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Polyurethane Foam Jounce Bumpers

Plei-Tech® polyurethane foam bumpers are high-density polyurethane foam parts that are excellent for shock absorption of light to medium loads at high frequencies. A cellular PT-15 (Vulkollan®) piece can be compressed up to 70% of its original height with minimal permanent set, making it well suited for high dynamic loading in suspension jounce bumpers. Our PT-22, 92, and 93 cellular products, while not as high performance as PT-15, are cost-effective alternatives to our PT-15 polyurethane foam material if you are looking for a lower price point for your product.

All of our Plei-Tech polyurethane foams are a combination of open/closed cell polyurethane, allowing for extreme compression without damaging the cell structure and minimizing moisture pick-up during compression.

Polyurethane Foam Jounce Bumpers in Black

Great For Smaller Vehicles

Polyurethane foams exhibit linear spring curves that eventually become asymptotic. This allows a foam jounce to start its assist very gradually, so engagement is not noticeable, but as the jounces travel, depending on the bumper design, loads can increase 20 times or more. The soft engagement is critical for smaller vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, or quads, which is why using these foam products is critical for comfort and performance.

Polyurethane Foam Jounce Bumpers in Black

Jounce Performance

The chemistry behind our Plei-Tech foams allows for compressions of nearly triple solid elastomers, giving a jounce that can perform at significantly higher cyclic frequencies while still providing a comfortable suspension assist.

What Are Its Advantages?

Unlike metal springs that can be uncomfortable or breakdown, polyurethane foam jounce bumpers act as dampers, absorbing energy and reducing bounce when the jounces engage and return. Polyurethane foam is also ideal for coil spring assists where additional load support and suspension amplitude damping are needed, such as when towing.

Custom Designed

If you use your vehicle like 90% of owners or are satisfied with your smaller vehicle, stick with your OEM parts. If you want something above and beyond the standard by varying density and shape, Pleiger can custom design a jounce to meet the most demanding needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our Polyurethane Foam Jounce Bumpers.