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Pleiger Plastics' COVID-19 Statement

Pleiger Plastics supports Glenelg High School Students working with NASA'a HUNCH Program

Growing the Economy with Germany
3/2017 - Whirl Magazine

2/13/17- Pleiger Plastics is featured in a manufacturing video made by local students at Canon-McMillan School District. 

RIO 2016:  Proud to be manufacturing horse shoes for the US Olympics Equine Team with our partner Sound Horse Technologies. 

2/25/2014 -  Truck Camper Magazine

Supersprings Introduces New PU Spring Enhancement for Ford F550 and RAM 5500
4/12/13 - Urethanes Technologies International

Pleiger Invests $3M in Facility Expansion Project

8/17/12 - Pittsburgh Business Times Cast Urethane Firm Pleiger Plastics to Expand
7/27/12 - Rubber News Pleiger Plastics Planning Expansion
9/1/11 - Observer Reporter Pleiger Plastics: Maintaining Niche Markets
1/31/08 - Washington County Business Journal



Printing United




Design 2 Part
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Pleiger's Squeegee Pit-stop Pack

June 2022

  • Featured Product: Squeegee Pit-stop Pack
  • Got Coffee? Here’s How to Screen Print With It
  • Versatile Plastics Inspire Innovations
  • Chip Shortage Drives Up Payment Card Costs
  • Plastic-Eating Enzyme Could Supercharge Recycling and Eliminate Billions of Tons of Landfill Waste

Polyurethane Plei-Tech 15 (Vulkollan) Wheels

May 2022

  • Featured Product: Vulkollan®
  • Key Trends In Manufacturing Plastic Products In 2022
  • A Car Made From Recycled Plastic? This Could Be the Future
  • History of Friday the 13th

Polyurethane Plei-Tech 15 (Vulkollan) Foam

April 2022

  • Featured Product: Plei-Tech 15 (Vulkollan) Foam
  • Shutdowns in China Leave Things Open-ended for Supply Chain Stakeholders
  • Treated Plastic Waste Good at Grabbing Carbon Dioxide
  • Major loT Trends to Expect in 2022

Polyurethane Balls and Check Valves

March 2022

Polyurethane Plastic Utensils

February 2022

  • Letter From Our President
  • U.S. Plastics Pact Calls for Elimination of 11 Products and Materials
  • Shortages 2022: 5 Products Expected to be in Tight Supply this Year
  • The Winter Olympics: Going for the Gold by Way of Plastics

Plastic bottle caps in bowls

January 2022

  • NASA’s Webb Space Telescope Successfully Deploys 70-Foot Sunshield – Here’s What’s Next
  • Sustainable Food Packaging that Keeps Harmful Microbes at Bay
  • Breakthrough in Separating Plastic Waste: Machines Can Now Distinguish 12 Different Types of Plastic


2 people in office boxing up 3D printed parts

December 2021

  • 3D Printing Platform Could Shape the Future of Spare Part Production
  • Supply Chain Chaos to Persist Through to Next Summer
  • Amazon Making Its Own Ocean Containers, Chartering Ships, Using Smaller Ports

Business man using a tablet

November 2021

  • Featured Employee: Ron Beiersdorf
  • From Medical Applications to Sporting Goods: Biocompatible and Sustainable Plastics
  • Supply Chain Uncertainty Gives Workers a Chance to Shine
  • Why The Manufacturing Sector Needs to Go Digital – Quickly

Empty old gas station

October 2021

  • Carbon Dioxide Reactor Synthesizes Martian Fuel
  • Coronavirus: A Lesson in Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Return To Work: Dog Owners Will Miss Pup More Than Spouse, Children

Pile of AA batteries

September 2021

  • 6 Marketing Trends to Prepare For in 2022
  • Proposed Plastic Excise Tax Would Hurt Consumers Without Fundamentally Reducing Plastic Waste
  • Plastics Aren’t What We Think. New Study Finds They’re a Tad Rubbery, Paving the Way for Better Products

Custom Polyurethane Products: Polyurethane Screen Printing Squeegee Edges

August 2021

  • Product Spotlight: Screen Printing Squeegee Profiles
  • Scientists Develop Tougher, Safer Bicycle Helmets Using New Plastic Material
  • 3D Printing Our Way Out of the Housing Crisis
  • Microbes Engineered to Convert Sugar Into a Chemical Found in Tires

New Plastic - Researcher with beaker

July 2021

  • Spotlight: Urethane Molding Methods
  • Solving the Plastic Shortage with a New Chemical Catalyst
  • Microbes in Cow Stomachs Can Break Down Plastic – Sustainable Way to Reduce Plastic Litter
  • How the World Ran Out of Everything

Pleiger Plastics US Headquarters

June 2021

  • This is Pleiger Plastics' 35th Anniversary!
  • Innovative New Technology Converts Waste Plastics to Jet Fuel – In Just an Hour
  • The World’s First Ink Made From Air Pollution
  • ‘Floating’ Swimming Pool Made Possible by Plastics Engineering

Woman in manufacturing

May 2021

  • Pleiger Product Spotlight: Plei-Tech® Polyurethanes
  • Supply Chain News: Plastics, of All Things, Now in Very Short Supply
  • How COVID-19 Did (and Didn’t) Change Automation in Plastics
  • North American Manufacturing on the Rebound, But Headwinds Are Gathering

Plastic bottle tops

April 2021

  • Pleiger Product Spotlight
  • Turning Wood Into Recyclable, Biodegradable Plastic
  • Unique Method to Fabricate Freeform Structures of Thermoplastics in Microparticulate Gels
  • Manufacturing’s Perfect Storm - US Manufacturing Supply Chain Unprepared for Record Surge in Demand

Leg Pocket Fillers

March 2021

  • Pleiger Product Spotlight: Leg Pocket Fillers
  • Leveraging Reverse Logistics is Key to Profits This Year
  • Plastic Packaging Has the Power to Solve Food Waste Challenges
  • Life's Rich Pattern: Researchers Use Sound to Shape the Future of Printing

Custom Polyurethane Products: Screen Printing Squeegee

February 2021

  • Pleiger Product Spotlight: Screen Printing Squeegees
  • Molecule from Nature Provides Fully Recyclable Polymers
  • Catalyst Transforms Plastic Waste to Valuable Ingredients at Low Temperature
  • Mysterious Organic Scum Boosts Chemical Reaction Efficiency – Discovery May Reduce Environmental Impact of Manufacturing

Laser machine

January 2021

  • Letter From Our President
  • Pleiger Education Spotlight: Durometer Hardness for Polyurethanes
  • Will 2021 Be the Breakout Year for Additive Manufacturing?
  • 3 Steps to Supply Chain Resilience and Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
  • 6 Challenges Facing Plastics Manufacturing in 2021