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Vulkollan Wheels

Vulkollan® is a premium, high performance polyurethane produced by polyaddition with the exclusive use of Desmodur® 15, polyester-polyol, and a cross-linking agent (chain extender). It is available in solid or foam polyurethane.

wheel1The material Vulkollan® (Plei-Tech® 15), the first polyurethane developed in Germany after World War II, offers outstanding mechanical properties which make it suitable for a large range of applications:

  • Excellent resistance to mechanical wear
  • High rebound resilience, even in hard grades
  • Good tear propagation resistance
  • Low compression set
  • Good resistance to mineral oils, greases, petrol and a wide range of solvents
  • Best dynamic performance of all urethanes

Vulkollan® fills the gap in the hardness range between rubber/elastic materials and hard-plastics (e.g. polyamide). Its hardness ranges from 65 shore A to 70 shore D. Cellular Vulkollan® is manufactured in a gross density range from 350 to 650 kg/m3.

couplingBecause of its outstanding mechanical properties, Vulkollan® is employed throughout industrial sectors where high demands are required of such materials. Vulkollan® is commonly molded into high performance parts such as:

  • Technically molded parts from drawings or samples
  • Vulkollan® to metal bonding (e.g. high-load wheels or covered rollers)
  • Sleeves, gaskets, sheets, and strips
  • Tubes, rods, and profiles
  • Bumpers (solid or foam)
  • UV ink resistant squeegees

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