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new-scraperPleiger’s polyurethane scrapers and belt cleaners are used in a variety of applications. Mining, construction, material handling, and food processing are a few industries in which they are used. There are multiple urethane compounds available to tailor the scrapers’ specific performance, whether it is high temperature, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, or FDA approval, Pleiger has a polyurethane compound to fit any need.

Clipper1Our polyurethane scraper and belt cleaners offer the durability needed on automated conveyors and belts to clean and scrape material off the surface. Polyurethane scrapers offer a longer life and better performance than rubber or other materials. Polyurethane is also resilient, and therefore absorbs impacts and conforms to the surface without causing damage to the belt or clipper splices. A wide range of durometers are available whether you are removing large aggregate or water from your surface.

Scrappers and Belt Cleaners Data Sheet

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