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Polyurethane Manufacturing Capabilities

Pleiger Plastics’ polyurethane casting capabilities have been expanding since 1987 and include open casting, centrifugal molding, compression molding, injection molding, liquid injection molding, foaming, and high pressure molding.

Cost competitive tooling and flexible manufacturing methods allow Pleiger Plastics to manufacture for both low-run and high-run environments efficiently. Pleiger is a licensed molder of Vulkollan®.

In addition to a full complement of cast polyurethane products, molding expertise and capabilities, Pleiger Plastics also offers outstanding engineering services, prototyping, and material testing. All of the polyurethane casting services and manufacturing processes take place at the Washington, PA facility.

For more information on Pleiger Plastics’ polyurethane casting manufacturing capabilities, please contact us today.

Polyurethane Casting Examples: Rollers, Balls, & Bumpters