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Solids and water are pumped into the hydrocyclone under pressure, creating a swirling motion inside the cylinder which pulls the solids to the outside by centrifugal force. The larger particles move downwards under gravity and leave via the bottom outlet with a small quantity of water. Fine solids remain near the center of the hydrocyclone with most of the water. This spirals upwards around an air core and is removed via a central pipe and out the top overflow.


  • Petrochemical
  • Sand and Aggregate
  • Coal Mining and Prep
  • Metal Mining
  • Alumina Industry
  • Dewatering
  • Microplastics Separation


  • Improve product quality
  • Increase wear life
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase processing capacity
  • Relatively inexpensive with no moving parts
Group of yellow Hydrocyclones
Various sizes and colors of polyurethane parts made using hydrocyclone process
Group of amber Hydrocyclones in various shapes