All of Pleiger Plastics’ types of polyurethanes are marketed under the registered name Plei-Tech® . The Plei-Tech® name is known globally as quality, high performance polyurethanes. The proper selection of the right types of polyurethane depends on a variety of considerations. These include temperature and environmental concerns, chemical resistance, cut and tear resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance, dynamic performance, and cost. Most molded parts require consideration of two or more of these characteristics, and a Plei-Tech® elastomer can be custom molded with these needs in mind.

There are often several Plei-Tech® elastomers that meet a client’s need in a particular application. In these situations, prototype parts of each compound are produced and field tested, so our client can decide on the most cost-effective polyurethane compound. This method prevents costly “over engineering” polyurethane parts and saves money.
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Polyester Type 1 Polyester Type 2 Polyester Type 3 Polyester Type 4 Polyether Polycaprolactone Polycarbonate
MDI PT-22 PT-31 PT-23 PT-24 PT-25 PT-92 PT-93
NDI PT-15 PT-15 PT-12 PT-13 PT-66
TDI PT-00 PT-95
PPDI PT-10 PT-10 PT-10


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